Thanksgiving- How to Avoid Crazy Binging and Weight Gain!

21 Nov

As you all prepare for Thanksgiving, we here at ERM want to give you some tips that may help you  during the Holidays and beyond.

1) If you know you’ll be eating more. Use some of your extra time off to get in a longer exercise session. Black Friday is a great day to wake up early and hit the gym. You may even want to get out early on Turkey Day to EARN your dinner on the running trail.

2) Watered down- Drink 2-3 large glasses of water about 20 minutes before you eat. It will help you consume less at the table.

3) Veggie power- If you are cooking, try to make as many vegetable dishes and limit the starchy carbs you’ll be serving. For example adding a salad and vegetable soup plus a few hot vegetable dishes will be very filling. If you are not cooking (just eating), adjust your plate in the same manner.

4) Forgo sugary drinks- Water should be your only beverage if you plan to eat desserts.

5) Left overs- cook smaller portions of not-so-diet-friendly items so your are not left with the left-overs to eat for the next week. Otherwise make plans to get them out of the house ASAP! (Eating them not an option.)

6)Slowsy does it- Eat slowly to get fuller more quickly. If you scarf down food, your brain won’t have time to sense satiety even if your stomach is getting full.

7) Lighter fare throughout the day- Eat lightly the rest of the day, so you can still stay within a reasonable caloric intake.

Hope this helps and I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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