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Lean & Clean Team Challenge Rules

60-Day Challenge April 1 – May 30


The goal is to see who can transform the most in 60 days by adopting healthy eating habits and a consistent exercise regimen (I.e. Who can lose the most pounds, inches, and body fat).

Ideally, participants develop a new, healthy lifestyle which is maintained beyond the 60-day period.

Participation Guidelines:

  1. There is a $60.00 non-refundable, registration fee to participate in this Challenge. Of this fee, $30.00
    goes into “the pot” which will be awarded to the Challenge winner.  The more people who participate
    in the Challenge…the larger the pot!
  2. The remaining portion of your registration fee is for program administration.
  3. Participants must agree to engage in some form of exercise 3-5 days/week (20 minutes duration). The choice of exercise is up to you. Participants must track their exercise activity weekly. (Forms to be provided.)
  4. Participants must agree to track their food intake weekly. (Forms to be provided.)
  5. Participants must agree to “weigh in” bi-weekly and to have their body composition measured bi­weekly.
  6. All tracking forms (3) are to be provided to Family Focus Christian Center at the time of the “weigh-in”.
  7. Tracking forms not submitted by the due date/time each week will not be considered. Repetitive failure to “weigh-in” and to provide timely submittal of forms will result in disqualification from the Challenge (and the pot!).
  8. All of the above factors will be taken into consideration when determining the Challenge winner who will be chosen at the discretion of Family Focus Christian Center.

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